Find a Vehicle

1. Find a Vehicle

Check our stock list. Send some information from "Inquiry" page when you find the vehicle you're interested in. For example; Port of Discharge, Final Destination, and Stock ID Number of the Vehicle Let us know if you need the Export Inspection such as EAA, JEVIC, and INTERTEK. We give you a quotation soon.

Quote & Negotiation

2. Quote & Negotiation

Give us your counter offer after you get the quotation. We consider your budget and offer the best price for you.

Request the Invoice

3. Request the Invoice

Request the Invoice if you agree with the price. Let us know some information to issue the Invoice. The following information is going to be on the Bill of Lading (B/L), so please give us the CORRECT information.
CONSIGNEE: Full Name, Full Address, and Phone Number
NOTIFY PARTY: Full Name, Full Address, and Phone Number


4. Payment

Once you receive the Invoice, do the payment by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) within 3 working days. Send the T/T copy after making the payment.
* Bank charge is NOT included in the total price on the Invoice, so you need to pay the bank charge.

We hold the vehicle for you for 3 working days. If you can't make it, the vehicle will be back to the market.

The vehicle is removed from the Website as soon as we get the T/T copy from you. After the whole payment is confirmed, we start booking the shipment.

Shipping Schedule

5. Shipping Schedule

You'll get the shipping schedule 1 to 4 weeks after the payment confirmation. The Vessel Name and Estimated Time of Departure will be informed.

Shipping & Bill of Lading Documents

6. Shipping & Bill of Lading Documents

The B/L documents will be sent to us about 10 days after the vessel leaves Japan. As soon as we get them, we scan and send them to you by E-mail. Check the B/L documents carefully.

* If the information is wrong, you may not be able to receive your car. Let us know where to send the original B/L documents.

Full Name:
Full Address:
Phone Number:

Dispatch the B/L Documents

7. Dispatch the B/L Documents

The original B/L documents will be sent along with the other necessary documents below.

* The Original Invoice
* The Original De-registration Certificate
* Inspection Certificate (Only if you asked for the Inspection before the order.)
* Insurance Expiration Letter (Only if your order is CIF.)

We give you the Tracking Number. You'll get the documents within 10 days, and please let us know when you receive them.

Receive Your Vehicle

8. Receive Your Vehicle

Receive your vehicle at the port.
Make sure to bring along all necessary documents.
Register your vehicle according to the regulation.